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Booked a shipment to Germany with these clowns and it took them two month to ship after receiving my payment. I was lied to at every turn and had everyone from the president on down ducking my phone calls. I was given every excuse in the book yet no compensation for their incompetence.

Do your self a favor and avoid these clowns. You would do better with The Three Stooges or Keystone Cops handling your possessions. I ended up purchasing a second car since renting a car for two months would have been money totally wasted. They promised the moon and delivered garbage. Amateurs.

My next stop is the BBB website.

Review about: Vehicle Shipment To Europe.


Los Angeles, California, United States #648493

Dear Schumacher Cargo Client,

If you can let me know your file reference number I can investigate the situation in more detail but from your comments posted here I will try to explain as best I can.

When clients book with us we open your file and we make sure that all the advice you need in the first few days is the most up to date advice available regarding your international shipping. As for the lack of communication, I am sorry you felt that we were not given you the attention you deserved. We always try to update clients as soon as the status of the shipment changes. There is always a lot to do in the initial stage, and once the file is opened, and the documents are correct and we receive payment, the file goes into the operations for consolidation.

All freight is pre-paid but we do not demand payment and it’s not what our main priority is.

Once we have your cargo and all docs we can clear customs and have the car “ready to ship”. From this point until it gets loaded and leaves the US, this time frame can be hard to explain as it may be 5 days, 2 weeks or 4 weeks depending on the destination and the amount of cargo we have at that given time to make a full container. You did reserve a space on the shared container which means we need to have 3 vehicles ready to load from the port of origin to Germany before we can proceed. Again, we update and notify when we can start to change the status of your cargo.

I apologize if this took longer than expected but it can happen from time to time.

We are always here to answer questions and we strive to make all our clients happy and understand the process as we know for most it’s the first time that they are shipping internationally. We value your business and I want to make sure that we assist you as best we can.

Please feel free to call me or email me at any time if you wish to discuss this in person.

Damien-Sales Manager

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